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Your Date Link Website : Refer : Review It

Review – 87

Category – Love Dating
Reviewed: 03/02/05
Join Price: FREE
Popups: None targets those singles who are looking for serious long-distance and long-term relationship with other singles. It promises features such as live audio and video chat, daily dose of emails, message boards and more. Aside from its easy to browse home page, the site also offers free membership deal to all its surfers; just finish answering the blank profile, download your personal pictures and you can now start your tour at the site’s members area. is just one of the 7 sites operating under Among other sites are Gay Date Link, Asian Date Link, Latin Date Link, Black Date Link, Mature Date Link, and Swingers Date Link; each one catering to particular needs, interests and date partners. is specifically designed to cater the needs of straight singles that are searching for serious relationship. owns a quite dependable membership base. The site is composed mostly of members from US and Europe with a very small number of Asian and African individuals. Basically, English is the site’s commonly used language.

The site’s chat rooms are divided into various categories; either geographically based or theme based location, the site’s chat rooms presents a vast selection of chat mates and chatting venues. However, with regard to its audio and video quality, it usually depends on the condition of the chatters’ web cams, plug-ins, and internet connections. For those who own a slow internet connection and low quality web cams and plug ins, the quality of images and sound that they avail is usually disappointing compared to the ones who have a high quality chatting features.

Anyway, aside from its chat services, the site also offers free email features for its members; you can practically send as many emails as you want to all your friends any time of the day. Your off-site email account will also be linked to the site, making it easy for you to know if you’ve received new message from your dating friends of if the site is sending a fresh update on your account.

The site also features an interactive message board for their members. This section allows you to freely share and discuss your ideas, comments and reactions on several issues confronting adult individuals such as penis enlargement, long-distance relationship, gender equality and practical dating tips. offers a quite impressive member’s personal gallery. There, you can post all your personal photos and downloadable videos for future viewing.

What I really like most about this site is its easy to search and access members. There’s also a tour to give you a preview of member privileges. If you want to speed up your usual searching, you can access the site’s quick search and specified search options, and you will be able to access as many chat mates as possible.

In general, with the quality of features that it offered, plus its considerable number of chat members, I guess this site would be a good catch to every aspiring searcher.

Website: Your Date Link – Love Dating Site

Updated: 24/02/2005
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